Hi, I’m Jean Ger, a red-headed trumpet player & singer! ready for it?

jean ger
jean ger

My music, listen up

Hi, I’m Jean Ger, a red-headed trumpet player & singer! ready for it?

jean ger
jean ger

My music, listen up

About me

I’m a 20 years old Musician – Singer-songwriter living the dream!  I have fallen in love with music since I remember; it was always my first way to bring my saying to the world. I have played professional Trumpet for 12 years and I love it. 

Even though I won a couple of musical contests it doesn’t mean I’ll stop there! Everybody knows that its not enough for a red-headed girl 🙂

My music

Being taught classical education at the Academy of Music gave me the best background to see music at various levels and depths. As a professional Trumpet player (for 12 years), I had the chance to be a part of many orchestras and play with leading singers, it is the best way to have strong roots of the next level – becoming a singer-songwriter that was burning inside of me since ever! combined with professional education in singing and a strong desire to make my own music had led me – Here

I find that my passion garners are: Indie-Pop, Rock-Pop, Alternative, Jazz & soul. 


‘Invisible’ is my first single.         Feeling transparent, Being one of the group while no one really knows my inner side, Feeling like I don’t have a place to express my personality. Sharing these thoughts made me understand we all feel like this in many phases of our life.      All these emotions made me write the song  – ‘Invisible’.   

For producing the song I meet 2 magic makers – Sabbo & Gurfi that took my composing and lyrics to another dimension.   Picturing the video clip with the art-photographer Sasha Prilutsky made the wheels turn with a meaningful closure! My friends came to support me and took a major part in the clip (cast). I felt overwhelmed!   
One of my reality call for stepping forward as a singer-songwriter was the name given to our production team: ‘Very_Much_Visiabele‘, sure elevated me to expect the next to come. 

Composed & Lyrics: Jean Jer |  Music Production: Sabbo & Gurfi | Guitars: Gurfi | Trumpet: Jean Jer  |  Clip – Directed/edited by: YASHA MILENKIY; Cinematography: SASHA PRILUTSKY; Producer/Manager: URI RON

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